Superior Experience

Looking For a Superior Wine Making Experience?

At The Glass Half Full, we elevate the standard of your wine making experience. We want you to enjoy premium-quality wine, made personally for you using advanced winemaking techniques and modern equipment. Our expert recommendations are made based on what we truly feel is the best wine for your needs. When appropriate, we use various oak ageing treatments, including oak barrels, to enhance the flavour profile of wines. Many of our wines are made with real grapes to add depth of flavour, color and structure to full-bodied reds, and special stainless steel fermenters help us produce red and white wines that are fresh, crisp and full of varietal character.

We strive to ensure that when you make wine with us, you have an experience that is fun and easy. When you visit us you’ll find a bright, clean and modern facility with advanced bottling equipment to make your task easy. The corks and labels that we provide with every wine are of the best quality, and our labels can later be easily removed for easy cleaning of the bottle. From sanitizing, to corking, to labelling your wine bottles, every step is simplified so that your task is quick and easy.

We offer you a simply superior winemaking experience. Your satisfaction guarantee will start from the moment you bottle your wine, so you can be assured that we’ll always be there to assist you and address all your needs.

So contact us today to arrange a wine making consultation, and experience the difference at The Glass Half Full.