Mineva Water

mineva2The Technology Behind Mineva
As our sources of water become more threatened by contamination and depletion, the ability to effectively and efficiently recycle and reuse our most precious commodity has become a necessity. That’s now possible. Thanks to the ESIL water technology, Bottled by Water Refined Inc., and marketed as Mineva.

Ironically, the scientific concept which led to the development of the environmentally friendly ESIL water technology has been around for a long time. Today, this patented system not only produces Mineva water, but has potential application around the world to make drinkable water from contaminated sources available to millions of people. The use of an electrolytic system to treat water was established in Britain in the late 1880’s and plants using steel electrodes existed in the United States in the 1900’s.

Mineva 20% more water per bottle 600ml bottle versus 500ml for conventional bottles.


Finally. Truly healthy water.

Mineva is produced through a revolutionary new method of water purification. It removes the negative materials, while leaving the natural minerals. It also eliminates bacteria and viruses, no matter how small. You get naturally balanced, bacteria and virus-free water.

Case of Water (24 * 600ml)
5 gallon Jug – plus deposit
3 Gallon Jug – plus deposit

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