Wine Making

First Time Winemaking  |  Wine Making for Special Occasions

At The Glass Half Full, we help you create, with minimal time and effort, your very own premium-quality wines. We are certified wine experts, and we pride ourselves in providing you with top quality, carefully-selected wines that we personalize to suit your own needs and preferences. Our wines compare in quality to store-bought wines costing over twice as much, and with us, your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed from the moment you bottle your wine.

The process is simple; just visit us to select and start your wine, and come back in a few weeks to bottle your finished product. We do all of the fermentation, production and filtration for you.



Making Wine for the First Time?

If you haven’t made wine before, we’ll make sure you have a great wine making experience right from the start. When you visit us, you’ll be pleased by the clean, modern appearance of our store and the attentive personal service that you receive. We will help you select wines that have all the things you like in a wine, and none of the things that you don’t like. And if you think you don’t know much about wine, we’ll show you how much you do know! Like we often say, “You don’t need to be a wine expert to know what you like.”

Once you’ve selected and started your wine, we will take care of all the winemaking services, including special treatments (such as oak treatment or adjusting the sweetness) that help us produce the results that you want.

A few weeks later, your wine will be ready to bottle. Our bottling facility is well-equipped with easy-to-use automated equipment to make your task effortless, fun and quick. It takes less than 1 hour.


Wine Making for Special Occasions

Your special celebration deserves its very own wine, hand-crafted and personalized to make it as unique as the occasion. When you choose wine making at The Glass Half Full you’ll have the very best wine for your special occasion, all dressed up with custom labels.

Not sure which wine you should serve with the meal at your wedding, or which wine would be best as a gift for the guests at your Holiday party?  Count on us to help you choose the ideal wine, whether you’re serving 30 people or 300. Is there still enough time to make wine that will be ready to serve on your special day?  Some wines mature earlier and are ready to serve sooner, while others benefit greatly from a few months of ageing. We’ll recommend to you wines that will mature within the appropriate amount of time. Let us help you make your event extra-special with a wine custom made for the occasion.


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