Hard Seltzer

NEW Hard Seltzers! Light, clean and refreshing.

Our Hard Seltzer has a subtle fruit flavor for a clean, refreshing taste that won’t fill you up. What’s more, it’s  naturally low-carb and low-sugar. It’s flavored with natural fruit flavor, and contains no preservatives.

 Enjoy our crystal clear, effervescent Hard Seltzer on its own, or paired with party snacks. Available in a variety of flavors, including Lime, Raspberry, Cranberry, Sour Cherry and Blood Orange.  

Each batch produces 20L. Approximately 5% alcohol.

Just visit us to start the process, then come back in a few weeks to bottle your Seltzer. Take it home and enjoy. It’s that easy!

For more information email us, fill out an info request or call 905-339-1603